BNB Consolidate

Bin Nisar Brothers (BNB), the emerging group of Pakistan,

by the grace of Allah (SWT), from 1990 till date, we are achieving milestones and establishing landmarks.

BNB (Bore & Bore)


Bore and Bore is one of largest emerging firm in drilling industry. It was established with the aim of revolutionize the national drilling industry. Its program design to meet the challenges of market and industry. We set standards for you drilling benefits.

BNB Engineering


BNB Engineering excels in providing cutting edge geotechnical services to its clients. Engaged in the fields of topographic surveys, geotechnical subsoil investigations, construction material testing, laboratory testing of soil and rock samples and construction of deep foundations including excavation support systems like secant piling and soldier piling. We look forward to continue our efforts towards creating a more stable and developed Pakistan through drilling stronger foundations.

Ultra Marine Tech

Ultra Marine Tech

We are a specialized engineering company in water treatment, reverse osmosis and water purification systems. Ultramarine Tech is one window solution for specific engineering, design, assembling, installation, commission and after sales services of water treatment equipment.